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It seemed a selfish thing to refuse, to show a lack of consideration for his father, and Daniel was a good son. I mention all these things to show that in this turning-point of his career Daniel had a hard decision to make. There was another circumstance to consider—his father was in present need of money. Finally Daniel made up his mind. If he could borrow a sum of money sufficient to help his father, he would venture to refuse the clerkship. He went to Mr. Joseph Taylor, a Boston acquaintance, and said to him abruptly, “Mr. Taylor, I want to borrow some money. I will pay you some time or other, but I can’t tell exactly when.” “You can have as much as you want,” answered Mr. Taylor kindly. “But,” said Daniel, “I want a good deal of money.” “How much?” asked his friend, not seeming alarmed at his rash promise. “Three or four hundred dollars,” was the reply, and this in the eyes of the young law student was a very large sum, though his ideas changed when money came in by thousands from wealthy clients, not many years afterwards. “You shall have it,” said Mr. Taylor, and he counted out the money into the young man’s hands. Daniel was elated with his success. He would not go home empty-handed, and this sum would soften the blow which his determination would bring to his father.

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